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Field Smart Farms leverages IoT (Internet of Things) technology to help farmers farm more efficiently.

There are literally thousands of applications of IoT in agriculture, from simple monitoring, like sending an SMS to tell you that a gate isn't closed properly, to sophisticated real-time information about every animal, paddock and tree on the property and even management and control of autonomous farm equipment.

The important thing to remember is that wherever you are on your Smart Farm journey,  all smart farm applications start with 3 main components

1. Connectivity
Connectivity from your property to the internet, and from the sensors to a gateway (or direct to the internet) so the data they gather can be delivered to a data storage and processing application.

2. Hardware
Gateways, sensors, routers and other devices that gather and transmit the information to the application.

3. Data processing and visualisation application
This is an application or applications that receive and process the information that has been gathered, and then delivers it back to you so you can act on it. This can be in the form of a message, an alarm, or a report or graph.

To make it simple, we've created some starter packs which contain every component you need to get you going. You can see them here. 

Once the basics components are in place, you can start creating your Smart Farm, focusing on the things which are important to you. Below are some typical examples, but we can help you to identify and customise the solution to your specific needs. 

 Precision Agriculture Livestock Monitoring Soil, Air, Climate and Fire Monitoring
Agricultural Wonder Drone Animal ID and Monitoring Archives - Agtech Central
IoT fire detector sensor
This discipline is really just about using sensors, control systems, robotics and autonomous vehicles to process real time information and give you the information you need to make quicker and better informed decisions. It aims to optimise the use of resources, be it time, labour, water or chemicals and use automation wherever possible to reduce costs and optimise yield. Cattle and Sheep tracking provides location, movement, speed, and activity information and history to provide additional security, stray and feed management from anywhere.  In Australia's extreme climate being able to remotely monitor moisture and environmental metrics and weather events, such as flood or fires is vital to the success of a modern farm as well as a necessary safety and planning tool. Solutions range from simple moisture control, soil chemistry and air quality which are intelligently correlated to weather and environmental data to give you a literal crystal ball.