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Moovement Active GPS Tag

Moovement Active GPS Tag

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The mOOvement active GPS ear tag allows you to track and trace your cattle over long distances, even in remote areas without mobile coverage. The GPS Ear Tags weigh under 30 grams and are the size of a standard management tag.

The tag connects to a satellite to provide GPS (location) data which is recorded and sent over a LoRa wide area network to show your cattle’s location to provide you with actionable insights and alerts. These insights help you to run a better and more efficient beef enterprise.

Key elements are:

  • GPS location of cattle

  • Ear Tag weighs under 30 grams

  • Location updates once an hour

  • Built-in solar panel for charging

  • Designed to last over 5 years

  • Tags are reusable and apply with ZeeTag Button male and No Snag Tagger (bought separately)

  • Tagged and tested over dozens of properties in Australia

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